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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is vinyl lettering?
Vinyl lettering is very thin, pre-spaced, pre-pasted resin-like material that you easily install onto your wall or on almost about any surface. They transfer on easily in minutes and look like hand painting or stenciling.

2. Where can I install vinyl lettering and designs?
Vinyl lettering and other designs can be installed just about anywhere you want to put them. Painted walls {light and medium texture work fine, including knock down and orange peel}, wood, furniture, ceramic tile, metal, glass, porcelain, painted brick, wallpaper, bathroom sinks, showers, doors, hardy plank, mail boxes, and much more work really well. Sand-like textures such as stucco and other sharp textures such as brick do not work well with vinyl. If you would like to apply to these more difficult textures, order very large letters in a wide font in order to have more "sticky" space to adhere.

3. How do I remove vinyl lettering and designs?
Vinyl is easy to remove. Simply peel it off from walls and other surfaces when you are done. If you have any extremely sensitive or cheap paint or thin wallpaper, the vinyl could damage it upon removal. Please wait at least one month for new paint to dry and cure before applying our letters. If the letters have been up an extended period of time, they may harden. Just use a blow dryer to heat the letters before removal. If sticky residue is left, use alcohol or goo-be-gone to remove it. VinylFancy cannot be held responsible for damage to paint or any surface. We speak from our experience, and cannot insure that all experiences will be the same.

4. Can lettering be re-applied after removing from another surface?
No, when you pull the lettering off of another surface, it will stretch, skew, and usually break into pieces.

5. Can I make lettering that fits over an archway?
Yes. All you have to do is go to the archway tab on the website and follow the directions on sending us the appropriate measurements to make the quote of your choice fit perfectly over your archway. We will always send a graphic back to you for your approval before we cut your arched quote. Arched quotes are cut according to the measurements given to VinylFancy; VinylFancy is not responsible for a quote that does not work due to incorrect measurements sent by the customer.

6. How can I know the length of my quote?
When you type in the height you want in the Design Center, the length will automatically calulate for that particular font. These calculations are purely approximations. If you need a certain height and width, please let us know the measurements in the "Comments Section" of your order. You are also welcome to email us and we can give you an exact measurement based on your quote and your space requirements. We also have the ability to stretch or condense the quote to fit your requirements, just contact us before you order and we can customize it for you.

7. What if I don't see the design I want on your website?
We would be happy to custom design art or lettering for you. Please see our Custom Design Fees Page for all the information on how to request a custom design made in different colors, sizes and fonts, exactly how you want.

8. Are the color samples on the web page exact matches of the vinyl I will receive?
No. Unfortunately it is hard to show accurate colors due to the varying differences of computer monitors. If you are unsure, just fill out the color sample request form and we'll send you color samples of your choice.

9. Can I wash VinylFancy lettering?
Yes. Use mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol or abrasives.

10. Can I leave VinylFancy lettering on my walls forever?
Yes. But remember that colored walls tend to fade over time, especially if they're exposed to sun. You may have lettering "ghosts" on these walls when you remove your lettering. This includes outdoor surfaces such as your front door.

11. Do you ship internationally?
Yes. You have your choice of USPS First-Class International or Int'l Priority. Keep in mind that Int'l Priority has a tracking number and First-Class does not. VinylFancy is not responsible for lost packages shipped via First-Class Int'l shipping. To guarantee your package will arrive safely and in good time, we suggest choosing Int'l Priority shipping.

12. What's the difference between a stencil and a transfer?
You would use paint with a stencil to create your lettering on a wall. Most people prefer vinyl transfers because they're easier to apply and remove.

13. I'm looking through your VinylFancy Quote Ideas and can't find prices for them.
That's because they're just ideas for your use at this point. If you would like to order a quote or see a price, simply click on it to be taken to our Custom Design Center.

14. I can't get my vinyl lettering to stick on my walls. What do I do?
If the vinyl lettering isn't sticking to your walls, it could be because of your wall texture or maybe because the wall had dust or dirt on it. The smoother and cleaner the wall, the easier the vinyl adheres to the surface. Please note that glossy vinyl has a more permanent adhesive and usually works better than matte vinyl on textured walls.

Use more pressure and hold down the lettering with your finger as you pull off the transfer tape.

Once you get the lettering on the wall, you can also heat up the lettering with your hair dryer or heat gun. This will warm up the adhesive and potentially allow the lettering to stick more thoroughly on your textrured surface. Once warm, rub the letters with your fingers, making sure the complete letter is touching the wall, including the "valleys". If letters start to peel off over time, use the heat technnique or you can also use a dab of Elmer's glue or découpage glue.

15. I just received my order, and it's wrong. What do I do?
The order will be completed exactly how it was ordered, so please proofread your order carefully before submitting. If you accidentally ordered your quote wrong, you will be responsible to pay for a new quote (or replacement letters) unless you email or call us with the changes before we complete your project. If the order was wrong because of a mistake made by VinylFancy, the order will be redone at no charge. In any case, please email or call us with the details of the problem and we will do our best to fix it quickly and to your satisfaction. For more information, please see our Policies Page.

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